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Abhijit Kadam Institute of Management and Social Sciences, Solapur

Research and Publications


Projects undertaken by the Institute are conducted through student and faculty participation.

  • a) The students of MSW programme and the faculty have undertaken the Research Project titled ‘PRA Survey for the development of Socio-Economic conditions of Anand Nagar Village, Akluj Gram Panchayat’ in 2007-08. This project was sponsored by NABARD and DCC bank. 8 students of MSW Part II and Faculty members carried out this research work.
  • b) Another research project titled ‘PRA Survey for Total Sanitation Programme‘ in 40 villages of Solapur District has been carried out by 60 MSW students and the five faculty members. This project was sponsored by Zilla Parishad, Solapur in 2008-09. The students monitored the work of data collection which was carried out by the NSS volunteers of different colleges in Solapur.
  • c) A Health survey was conducted by the students of MSW. 32 students were actively participated in this survey. The students collected the data and it was forwarded to the Health Department of Government of Maharashtra.

Seminars and workshops

  • A Seminar on ‘Community Health and Community care’
  • A seminar on ‘Communication skills'
  • A workshop on ‘Dynamic Carrier’ in social work.
  • A seminar on ‘Social Laws And Criminal Procedure’
  • A seminar on ‘Emerging Trends In Prevention Of Pollution’
  • A seminar on Jalswarajya sponsored by Zillah Parishad Solapur.
  • A seminar on ‘Role of Police and Society’

Fund Sanctioned and utilized

The amount of Rs.5,000/- was granted by DCC Bank Solapur to conduct the survey in village Anand Nagar near Akluj to know and understand the socio-economic condition of the villagers. It was sponsored by DCC Bank in association with NABARD. It was a Participatory Rural Appraisal (PRA) activity.

The amount of Rs.30,000/- was provided by ZP Solapur under Total Sanitation Programme to conduct the PRA and special camping for 5 days to create awareness and the TSP activity.

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